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My parents have the gateway 2 modem but another modem in front of that which when you do a speed test they are up in the 90s which is fine but the WIFI is bloody terrible that comes out of that device. 


I can be sitting in the same room as that thing and you still only get in the 20s the coverage is crap. 


Do you need to use the gateway device at all ?  I would rather buy a google home which is a meshed network but I am finding it strange that they have two device one that looks like a modem that plugs into the gateway ? 


sorry but your gateway device wifi is crap




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Level 25: The Singularity
Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Gatway

Looks like they have cable internet. The first box is a cable adapter. A third party router can be used instead of the Telstra Gateway.

I am surprised you are only getting speeds in the 20s using Wifi. Have you tried changing Wi-Fi channels on the gateway? There might be interference from neighbours using the same channel.

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