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Guest wifi

 After a week of run around after setting up the Telstra gen 2 by technicolor and finding I cannot connect any or my Mirabella wifi cameras and no help from Telstra after hours and hours of messages and $270 on a technician I finally got them connected to the guest wifi after a crowd support post. My modem keeps rebooting and my mobile will not stay connected to normal either so there are still issues.

  My main question for now is with my mobile and cameras on guest wifi, are there data limits or extra costs or will it all just be included in my unlimited data?

  I’m still in very very long the process of them trying to figure out what to do as the modem signal is 90% red and rest orange but according to them fine. Old modem was always orange or green and never had it rebooting or disconnecting and my son says ping is worse. Even Mirrabella knew there was an issue straight away whereas Telstra were acting like they didn’t know.

  Don’t get it as usually an upgrade means better.

   Until I get a new modem or change provider I just need to know if operating on guest wifi will cost me extra at all really?

  Sorry for the whine but very frustrated with service at present.


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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: Guest wifi

Data used on guest network is not metered separately. You have unlimited data on the guest network and will not incur any extra charges.

The signal light indicates the strength of the 4G backup signal and the light being orange or red does not effect the performance when modem is working on main connection.

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Re: Guest wifi

Hi @Zar2 

I think I was the one the helped out on the original post you found that helped you fix your lights.

You only have to spend 10mins on crowd support to see many people feel the same as your self.

As to your current question, no I don't think being on your connection as a guest will cost you more.

I don't work for Telstra, Never have, I am just a Telstra customer like you.
So the advice I give is my own, In my own time, Guided by my own experience/knowledge.
Which I am always happy to be corrected on.

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