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HFC Model local Ip



Just moved to nbn over hfc today and mostly it's working but I'm only able to connect to the modem via wifi.  I have a local network running on the 192.168.20.x range so before I connect the local network to the modem I want to change the local ip address of the modem to this range, say  When I do this it reports an IP address conflict.  I can change to and just fine.  Nothing else is connected to the modem.   I have a whole network setup on this range with lots of devices so I don't want to move to another range if I can help it.


Can someone tell me if the 192.168.20.x range is reserved or should I be able to use this range.


The model is a white Telstra branded box with 4g backup.  I think it's called Frontier.


Many thanks


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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: HFC Model local Ip

Some Telstra Gateways use for the Telstra Air/ Fon Network others use


On the F@st 5355 there is a hack for changing IP address to which is the LAN address used for the guest network. If you have the F@st 5355 the hack might work for the address range.


The hack can be found at the end of this document


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Re: HFC Model local Ip

thanks cf4, I couldn't get the hack to work, but I did manage to get a draytek router to sit between the Telstra router and by local network, and that is working fine. Complete overkill but a bit more secure and all else is beyond my competency.

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