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Home Wifi keeps dropping

I've had the Telstra Gateway Max modem C6300BD for a few months now. The Wifi connection with my Apple Mac Book Air keeps dropping. I have to turn Wi-Fi off and back on again, from the Wi-Fi icon on hte top right of the OS X desktop.


Firstly I've never experienced this issue before and this only happens on my home Wi-Fi. Thus there must be an issue with the confirguration of the modem, or the modem is not compatible with Apple laptops, or at least Mac Book Air.


I've tried using both the standard and 5G connection, I've also tried every channel on both connections and still the Wi-Fi drops.


Is there anything else I could do? I'm tempted to return the modem to Telstra this weekend, and go with Internode or iiNet. I'm fed up with paying for something that does not work.




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