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How can I connect 2 Telstra smart modem gen 2s together as a VPN

I have a Telstra smart modem gen 2 connected to nbn and my parents house is a few doors up and have just got the same setup now with a Telstra smart modem gen 2. I have a couple of printers setup at home and am wanting my parents to be able to print to my printers locally. Can I setup a VPN between the 2 modems or open up port forwarding so it can be a shared network. And would that then enable me to do file sharing between computers at both sites?

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Re: How can I connect 2 Telstra smart modem gen 2s together as a VPN

You can port forward port 445 to allow file sharing between the two networks. Forward port 445 to the file sharing device on the local network.


There are no setting on the modem for setting up a VPN apart from opening up the required port but you can set up a VPN on a PC. See option three in this link.

How to Set Up Your Own Home VPN Server (


You should also set up DDNS on the modem with a DDNS service such as NOIP. With DDNS you can create a URL that is always updated with the public IP of the modem.

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