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How often do you need to turn the router off?

Hello. This is an issue that is causing a lot of disagreement in my household. Is the wireless router/modem designed to run 24/7? Does it matter if it is on at all hours? My brother thinks it needs to be turned off at the power point every night but others think it doesn't need to. It might seem like a silly question but I need an answer so I can put this issue to rest. Any help is welcome.

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Re: How often do you need to turn the router off?

There's a few different schools of thought on this, some of the points to weight up are:


If you want to save the planet turn off the router (though the power consumption is negligible, really, if you do this with every appliance in the house I guess the savings mount up).

Most people leave them on because one wants access instantly without fumbling around with power switches. There's also a school of thought that says devices last longer if they are not subject to the trauma of being turned on too frequently.


But then there's the fact that wireless routers can't be hacked when it's off.


Personally I leave mine running, turn it off maybe once or twice a month just to let it refresh itself.


So to give a personal definative answer, no I wouldn't be turning it off everytime I finished with it or every night.


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Re: How often do you need to turn the router off?



I agree with Deanja.


But if you want to keep everyone happy, you could get a small timer for that powerpoint and set it to drop power

say between eleven pm and six am?


Also, some routers have advanced power management features.. check the manual.



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