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How to - PlayStation 3 port forwarding on Technicolor TG587n v3

This is a quick guide on how to solve that slow PSN connection with Telstra's "premium" home gateway.



You'll need to open your web browser (FireFox, Explorer, Safari) and go to either or if you've played with some settings in the set up wizard it'll be can click on either to check (PC or Smart Phone only as PS3 web browser is not supported by the gateway)




It'll help if you've named all the devices on your network as everything named "Unknown-AA:BB:CC:1D:99:00" or something similar can make it all quite confusing...

In "Home" click on your "Home Network" down the left hand side of the page and view your map.

I've named all my devices to make it easier for my wife and I.
You don't have to name all of them, but it will help to name the playstation3 for this later on.

To find your PS3, turn it on and go to Settings > System Settings > System Information you'll see your PS3's MAC Address (eg AB:CA:11:22:33:00)


This MAC Address will be the second half of the PS3's name in your network map (by default) in the "Home Network" page


Down the left hand side of your Gateway's "Home" page click on "Toolbox" then "Game & Application Sharing" to find this page.


Now down the bottom of the page you'll find "Pick a Task..." under that click on "Create a new game or application"



Now it's going to help if you name your new Port Forwarding rule, keep it simple, I usually name them what they are. eg: PlayStationNetwork


Then click on "Manual Entry of Port Maps", then click "Next".



Now for the tricky bit.

Under "Game or Application Definition" is you'll now need to get all the ports entered in.


With every entry you do YOU MUST CLICK "ADD" and please LEAVE "TRANSLATE TO..." BLANK, the modem will automatically make the entries needed for "Translate To..." as you click "Add".

The following info needs to be entered in:

 #>Protocol > Port Range > Trigger Protocol > Trigger Port

1 > TCP >           80-80 >              TCP >                            80

2 > TCP >           443-443 >         TCP >                            443

3 > UDP >           3478-3479 >    UDP >                           3478

4 > UDP >           3074-3074 >    UDP >                           3074

5 > TCP >           3074-3074 >    TCP >                            3074

6 > UDP >          3658-3660 >     UDP >                           3659

7 > TCP >          5223-5223 >      TCP >                           5223

So that it looks like this... (below)


Now down the bottom click "Assign a game or application to a local network device"



Your almost done!

Now under "Assigned Games & Applications" you'll need to put your new rule to work.

Under "Game or Application", pick YOUR new rule. (mines saved as PlayStationNetwork)

Then next to your new rule pick your PS3 system. (See "OPTIONAL STEP" for more info on names)

If you want check the box "Log" (I have cause I like to see what goes on when something fails) It'll then log events to the system log.


Then click "Add" and voila!!! Your done!!!


I'll appreciate any feed back guys and kudo's if you like it! Thank you!



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Re: How to - PlayStation 3 port forwarding on Technicolor TG587n v3

I'm trying these ports for the PS4
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Re: How to - PlayStation 3 port forwarding on Technicolor TG587n v3

DUDE, I LOVE YOU Smiley Happy Had problms connecting to server on COD GHOSTS, tried this, connected straight away! Thank you so much for posting, you rock! Smiley Happy

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