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I get dropouts on a NBN hfc connection what should I do

Every couple of days my internet disconnects I believe it swaps to mobile and sometime later probably swaps back. Its irregular ,

My information comes from my VPN log which shows the disconnect and reconnects , at the times I have Been present the NBN HFC modem shows it is disconnected.

I have tried to log this with Telstra however they just try and get me to reconnect and provide no assistance in finding why the long term problems occuring. Nor would they provide any assistance in saying how often this is happening, so I'd like to prove or disprove it is regular. Can anyone tell me how I could collect info to verify it is a ongoing problem and if I can provide such evidence what words I need to say to Telstra 132200 faults to get them to investigate? It happened at 8:00 pm tonight and took around ten minutes before I could resume watching tv

I used to have Foxtel cable via Telstra and never had these problems so I am fairly convinced it's a NBN problem

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Re: I get dropouts on a NBN hfc connection what should I do



Please try doing the hard reset on the modem by inserting the paper clip.


  • Insert the paper clip on the back or on the side of the modem.
  • Press and hold for 20 seconds (Not very hard) until all the lights on the modem goes off.
  • Take the PIT out and wait for all the lights to come on.
  • Test the connection now.

Points to remember:

  • If you have done special settings  or port forwarding for gaming console, IP cameras, Home security system, you'll require to do it again as it will reset everything and go to the factory settings and you'll have to configure it again.

Hope it helps.


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Re: I get dropouts on a NBN hfc connection what should I do

No - Telstra tech support also love to say this which is wrong

The MODEM is the device which connects to the NBN - there are NO settings in that that I can get to  so the statement "port forwarding for gaming console, IP cameras, Home security system, you'll require to do it again": is technically wrong

You may be referring to the router - as Telstra are responsible for the router - but it is fine , it I can see the lights on the NBN router showing it is disconnected

The Telstra router switches over to Mobile every time the NBN fails  - The main reason I notice is sometimes the NBN modem is going on and offline and so the router switches back and forth a lot - causing many many interruptions


You solution is not accepted - but this website design sucks and will not let me revert that


From the complaints process I have gone through I gather the following

The NBN line or modem is what is faulty -it appears Telstra have no ability to access this and see what is going wrong - Telstra must ask NBN to fix it - But NBN  wont fix it it its just "a few disconnections a week" - that was from a telstra Tech , I complained - the Telstra complaints people also said NBN will reject any fault calls unless they can get some ongoing record and proof that it is the NBN not the router or home network

I cant get such proof - Telstra seem unable to get that (they can only see my link is gone no if its the modem or the line or the router) so I'm a consumer stuck with a intermittally faulty NBN - 

I'm not permitted to talk to NBN and NBN are the people providing the faulty service

Telstra seem to agree its a faulty NBN service but will not provide enough evidence to NBN Co to get them to fix it 



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Telstra (Retired)

Re: I get dropouts on a NBN hfc connection what should I do

Hi rjwilson01, 


Thanks for using Crowd Support and sorry to hear of there being some work needed by NBN. We will make sure everything is set up correctly on our end and no issues with the lines inside your home. If this continues after those tests, this might be something NBN Co needs to fix in the area. We can pass on possible work to NBN but we won't be able to confirm when this work will be arranged as this is an NBN network and work would be arranged by them. if you wish to have our NBN tech team check on this again, please have a chat with us here  https://tel.st/l8ldy;

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