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Identity theft

I was at the George St Sydney Telstra shop last Thursday and the assistant scanned my drivers licence before helping me about boosters for a modem. Is this normal or was he trying to steal my identity?

Mark Tedeschi

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Re: Identity theft

Hi Mark,


I visited my local Telstra Store (in South Australia) 3 day's ago to get the spelling of my Mum's first name corrected on my Dad's Telstra Account...we both have Full Authority on his Account and Telstra had spelt her name wrong.


The male staff member asked if I had my Driver's Licence on me. I handed him my Driver's Licence and he said "I'll be back in a minute". He was gone for about 3 minutes when I started to get worried that something dodgy was happening. I looked to see where he was...he was speaking to another employee before returning to me. 

I asked him "why did you take my Driver's Licence away?", his reply was "I put it through a scanner". I said "Oh, is that to prove if my Driver's Licence isn't a fake one?" and his reply was "Yes". I said "well I'm glad that you do that here, I don't want someone with a fake Driver's Licence making changes to the Account, or walking out the store with products that my Dad would be stuck paying for".


So, apparently this is what the Telstra store employee's should be doing before they change anything on an Account or add any device or service to the Account. 

The last time I visited a Telstra store to discuss an Account was maybe 2 year's ago...the female employee only looked at my Driver's License, she didn't scan it....she was a trainee and probably wasn't following the right protocol.

I am NOT a Telstra employee and never have been. However, I AM a customer who volunteer's my time in the hope to help someone with their question.
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