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Intermittent connection issues , dropping out. Max TG799



Ever since I have got the Telstra modem Gateway Max TG799 my internet has been a major issue.

I have looked across the forums and I have have seen similar problems,


The internet will drop out , it could happen 10-15 times an hour , it drops out for a few minutes and then comes back.

Ive done speed test whilst the drop out is happening and it cant even complete that.

I have spoken to telstra awhile ago about it and basicaaly went in  circles and has put me off contacting them again.


The Telstra support window pops up regularily , by the time I run through the tests the internet comes back on. 


Whilst I have no internet connection I lose all WiFi as well. 


The problem happens all times of the day/night , its not dependant on traffic as I could be the only one home. 


Any suggestions , before I have to ring technical support again



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Re: Intermittent connection issues , dropping out. Max TG799

if your losing wifi as well then it sounds like a modem problem.

what lights do you lose on the modem ??????

prove its your modem by reinstalling previous modem before you had the tg799 if you still have it.

if the old modem drops out its a line /network problem

if it doesnt drop out its your tg799 modem....

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Re: Intermittent connection issues , dropping out. Max TG799

I have pretty much same problem.. But with netgear gateway modem... Spent a fair amount of time talking with Telstra online staff... Which in the end said I should just buy a modem. A little disappointed after seeing prices online.. As a little expensive... Especially after what I pay per month... But they pretty much said oh well... Problem seems to be worse since I have chatted with them... So not sure what has happened...disappointing..
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Re: Intermittent connection issues , dropping out. Max TG799

HI all


Same issue here. Set the gateway up just couple of days ago.


Re WifI running a Wireless Diagnostic app - doesn't show WiFi disruption at same time.


Similar experience with support.


What happens is Status and Internet lights go red - everything else is green.  Including WIFi light.


Here's hoping.



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