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internet issues

I have tried calling Telstra - they simply end the phone call and direct me to online services! Then they tell me to send a message - gave my phone number still waiting for the original message from Telstra - thanks!

I have 4 students at home trying to complete online classes and I am a teacher "trying" to provide online teaching. The internet is cutting in and out which is not very useful when trying to conduct lessons via Zoom. 

Is there anyway I can actually speak to someone - in Australia that will actually understand my issues and frustration!

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Re: internet issues

Difficult to help you troubleshoot on this forum without additional details on the home network. Is it a Wifi issue or a gateway issue. I know you want to speak with someone from Telstra however during this pandemic they are difficult to contact. Have you tried the Telstra App and clicked on test my network?


Have you tried connecting your laptop via an ethernet cable to eliminate wifi issues?

“Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

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