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Is it possible to remove ADSL

I'm getting quite frustrated with my ADSL nbn connection I'm looking at getting a better router but I'm stuck with the Telstra router due to adsl is there anyway I can get rid of it and just use a byo router without resorting to Bridge mode because I hate having more devices that I have to.

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Re: Is it possible to remove ADSL

What issues are you having with the ADSL (is than an NBN service?) at present? If there is a problem with ADSL, then a new modem might not resolve your problem.


If you have and use a homephone you will need the Telstra router (Smart Modem 2) which also provides the 4G Backup service..


There are other ADSL modems out there, which should work, but it depends on what you are actually trying to achieve..

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Re: Is it possible to remove ADSL

NBN doesn't use ADSL so I assume you have a NBN FTTN connection. If you don't need a phone service the Telstra modem can be  replaced with  a VDSL modem.. if there is a problem with NBN link a new modem want fix the problem.


AT the moment there is no option to replace the FTTN connect but  NBN is be gradually upgrading some FTTN areas to FTTP. When your area has been upgraded you will then have an option to change to FTTP.


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