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Issues connecting Google Home with Telstra Arcadya (LH1000)

Previous Scenario:

I had my google home devices/smart devices all working seamlessly on the modem provided by my last IP. No issues connecting anything whatsoever (it was a TP-Link Archer VR500v) but the speeds were relatively shocking, and I am in a terrace home built in the 1900's with THICK brick walls! So the modem's Wi-Fi signal was struggling with reaching our bedrooms). 


Current scenario:

In late 2020 I switched to Telstra, they sent out a Smart Modem (LH1000) which of course had better speeds than my older modem, so I switched it over. But ever since I had only been able to connect Google Home Mini's/Chromecast, to the modem... Anything beyond that and it wouldn't connect (like smart devices that are "compatible with google assistant" ie - a wifi-enabled smart air-con, smart plugs, smart bulbs, etc.)


Last week I purchased a Google Nest Wi-Fi plus 1 access point to see if this would enable me to go back to my beautifully set up smart home! (I dearly miss the laziness of being able to ask google to turn on and off my fan in my room at night! I have a lot of smart devices that are now not working which is very frustrating!)


It would only connect to the GN router and not anything beyond that (the additional Nest access point, google home mini, et al). So once again I have spent half my day researching to see if I could find a solution.


I should note that my tech knowledge and capabilities are around a beginner-intermediate level. 


If I can't solve this either online with help here, or on the phone with Telstra (as a last resort). I will need to either:

  1. try the GN with my old modem that had no issues running the google home set-up and stick with a slightly slower speed. (not ideal)
  2. buy a new modem / mesh-wifi router set up (probably a WiFi 6...maybe the TP Link, or ASUS models [I don't want to spend a fortune]) and see if I have any luck with the same Telstra modem... which I haven't researched into if it does actually work

Note: The reason I wanted to Google Nest because it's clearly easier for my Google Home set-up being the same brand!



I haven't been able to find a solution that is easy to follow for a tech beginner/intermediate like me... there is a lot of jargon/abbreviations I can't follow in the threads I have found and it's all nearly too much information to actually make any sense! So I would love a simple step-by-step answer!!


I found this thread....

and this specific reply below:

"Connect Goggle WiFi to LAN port on Gateway
Log into gateway
Go to advanced.
Go to Devices
Copy the MAC address of the Google WiFi device to clipboard
Close Devices page

Go to Local Network
Click on "Add New Static lease"
Fill in the name box
Paste the MAC address that was copied from the Devices page.
Fill in the IP address. You can use current IP or change IP address to any unused IP address in the Gateways LAN IP address range.
Click on the + to the right of the IP address box to add the new static address.
If you use a different IP address disconnect and then connect Google WiFi for new IP address to take effect.
Close Local Network page.

Go to WAN services
Place a tick in "Enabled" under DMZ
Enter LAN IP address of Google WiFi
Click on save."

That thread is now closed so I can't simply respond for more help...


I followed the above directions...which got my Nest Wifi Router to work (FINALLY!) but I STILL can't connect my GHM/Chromecast/smart devices to the Google Nest WiFI router!!!

So I am back to square one!!!


Please help me to overcome this by advising on the next step (?), or what is missing from this advice!


  • OR whether you know if any other routers work better with the google home/smart devices set up?! Like I said - I am looking at the TP-LINK Deco X60(3-pack) AX3000, or the ASUS Zen WiFI AX XT8 (due to price and current reviews on YouTube)
  • OR Perhaps it's just a matter of buying a better modem???


What should I do?!

Please help!!!

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Re: Issues connecting Google Home with Telstra Arcadya (LH1000)

One thing I would try is turning of Protected Management Frames (Wi-Fi PMF) in the modem's Advanced > WiFi settings for both WiFi bands, this will allow your smart devices to connect to modem's WiFi.


If you use the Google Nest router you will have two WiFi networks. Device connected directly to modem will not be able to connect to devices connect to Google Nest.router

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