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Issues with WIFI or Modem???

Hi, I have a Thomson TG782T modem which is a few years old.  I have several wireless devices in my house as do most houses these days.  My wifi has been starting to drop out more and more over the last few months.  Some devices connect and others don't.  There is no pattern to the device with the only constant being the wifi or modem.  If I turn it off and back on it generally corrects the issue for a while, then it happens again.  It seems to be getting worse.  Your advice please?

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Re: Issues with WIFI or Modem???

It is possible that it could be either the modem or the Wi-Fi. 


Have you tried having a word with BigPond Tech Support? 

They can check the line and go through some tests with you which may be able to help identify if it is a modem or a network issue. They aren't always able to give a answer without a number of tests or a futher test (such as a technician checking the exchange or pit), but often they are able to help identify which is causing the problem. 

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