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Macbook Pro (2109) MacOS 10.15.7 not connecting to Smart Modem Gen 2 L, Model LH11000

For the last 6 weeks, my internet has dropped out up to 10 times an hour for 1-2 minutes each time.


I have discussed this issue with Telstra technicians multiple times, and have installed two brand new Telstra Smart Modems. But NEITHER modem will connect to my MacBook pro.


Today, a Telstra technician finally got the modem to green light/connected status. 

--My iPhone & Ipad now connect to the modem.

--My laptop does not:  The Telstra Home Dashboard says I'm connected to the modem and my MacBook shows up as a connected device. But, it cannot load any page, it can't download an email etc. Various error messages include: this site can't be reached... refused to connect... 

I have not customised the Modem in any way.

Google searching indicates an incompatibility between MAC OS and Telstra Smart Modems, but the Telstra technicians do not acknowledge that. 


Please help. 

Thank you



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