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Modem dropping connection


I am getting intermittent dropouts with my modem 

Technicolor DJA0231
Software Version
It displays the following :-
Parameters Last 15 min Current Day Prior Day Showtime
Link Retrain Count0000
Sync Bandwidth(Down/Up)---0M/0M
Loss of Sync, LOS(Local/Remote)0/00/00/00/0
Loss of Framing, LOF(Local/Remote)0/00/00/00/0
Loss of Margin, LOM(Local/Remote)0/00/00/00/0
Forward Error Correction, FEC0/00/00/00/0
Cyclic Redundancy Correction, CRC0/00/00/00/0
Errored Seconds, ES0/00/00/00/0
Severely Errored Seconds, SES0/00/00/00/0
Unavailable Seconds, UAS900/90083504/8350486400/864000/601905

Modem Time

6days, 23:12:37

Should I be reporting an NBN fault or Modem Fault??

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Modem dropping connection

The DSL Link stats only apply to a NBN FTTN or FTTB connection. Judging by the stats you don't have either an FTTN or FTTB as those stats indicate a permanent fault and not a intermittent fault with a FTTN or FTTB connection.


Suggest you lodge a fault and let support decide the cause. A good indication of a NBN link fault would be the lights changing on the NBN NTD that the modem is connected to.

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