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Modem is blue

My modem is blue how do I fix it 

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Re: Modem is blue

You could buy it some flowers,  after all, Valentine's day is in a couple of days. 


Seriously though:

What colour are the DSL/WAN and Mobile Signal lights? What type of NBN connection do you have?


You can also go to and run through the troubleshooting steps.

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Re: Modem is blue

@Mattfoster92_ wrote:

My modem is blue how do I fix it 

@Mattfoster92_ First thing that comes to mind is to reboot the modem and see if it picks up its normal connection again (I'd be inclined to turn it off for about 5-10 minutes then back on)


Apart from that, call NBN Tech Support on 1800 834 273 or ADSL 13 22 03

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Re: Modem is blue

Mine is blue when there is outage which most likely it is using mobile mode. Normal colour should be green of course.

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