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Modem not working

Have found our modem not working power button does not light up when turned on. Have tried in other power outlets still nothing. Called Telstra but was told it’s an issue with our connection in the street, after her doing a check she said it is not working. I repeatedly told her the modem will not turn on, there are no lights on the modem at all. Sending a technician out but I again repeatedly said we will not be home is it possible just to have the modem replaced???

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Modem not working

It is possible to have modem replaced. Ring support again perhaps this time you will get some one who understands that if there are no lights on on the modem it is a modem fault. If modem is less than one year old will be replaced under warranty if older you might have to pay for new modem. If you have ADSL connection you can purchase your own modem from electronics shop.

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