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Modem Technicolour DJA0231 USB Port Problems

After applying the information in section 23 of the unofficial manual, I was able to plug 2 USB sticks into a 4 way USB adaptor and see them in Advanced > Content Sharing, and all their files in W10 File Explorer. I later found the following 3 problems. I've paraphrased them first, then details follow.

1. Modem can't see a USB stick after it was formatted.

2. File Explorer would not see all partitions on a PHDD plugged into the modem

3. Modem quit while writing to two USB ports simultaneously and had to be restarted .


  1. Modem can’t see a USB stick

One of the USB sticks had an old file on it which I had created years ago on another computer, but I could not delete as it needed some obscure authorisation. To overcome this I quick formatted it and now the modem won’t see it. Plugged into the computer, FE (File Explorer) allows me to operate on it without any trouble.

Any suggestions?


  1. Modem won’t see all partitions on a PHDD.

I plugged a PHDD into the modem but FE would only see 3 of the 4 partitions on the PHDD. I went to Advanced > Content Sharing, and the modem could see all the partitions. About every 10 seconds the PHDD made “seeking (?)” noises, so I ejected it. Later I put it in again and this time FE did see all partitions. The PHDD continues to make “seeking” noises every 10 seconds.
Have others had these problems? Any suggestions?


  1. Modem quits while USBs are being written to.

I use Cobian to make backups. Two computers were simultaneously writing to the modem’s USB port, one to one of the USB sticks and the other to the PHDD. For one computer, Cobian’s log shows that the destination directory was created OK, but the network name became unavailable:

2020-05-21 14:11 The destination directory "\\TELSTRA-MODEM\SanDisk_Ultra_1_6d23\C-BU Docs Chris\chris 2020-05-21 14;11;55 (Full)"  has been successfully created
    2020-05-21 14:11 Backing up the directory "GLOBALROOT\Device\HarddiskVolumeShadowCopy21\Users\chris"
    2020-05-21 14:11 Ignoring the source "GLOBALROOT\Device\HarddiskVolumeShadowCopy21\Users\chris\AppData\": found in the task's exclusion masks
ERR 2020-05-21 14:16 Couldn't copy the file "GLOBALROOT\Device\HarddiskVolumeShadowCopy21\Users\chris\Documents\House\A_House Logs\House Log - Electrical.docx": The specified network name is no longer available.


I did get some files copied before it quit.

The other computer was writing to the USB stick and it gave a similar message timed at 14:15.

I cancelled Cobian’s job at 14:27 (it was still attempting to write to the modem).The modem’s light was still green. The Content Sharing page no longer showed the PHDD, so I could not eject it. The PHDD was still making seeking noises, but its light was off, so I pulled its plug. At 14:33 I checked FE, and it was no longer showing the modem. The Modem’s content sharing page is still showing File Server enabled and DLNA enabled. I hit the “Refresh button”, and the web page went back to the sign in page. Signed in, the Home page is blank. Clicked Advanced and nothing happened. I still have a blank page except for the line which tells me “Your Broadband service is working normally. You are connected online.” The web page tab has the little blue circle rotating. Closed Google, opened it again and tried to start the Modem’s page, but nothing happened except for a grey circle rotating on the page’s tab. Gmail works.

Went to File Explorer and looked at the mapped drive M and got a window which said "An error occurred while reconnecting M: to \\TELSTRA-MODEM\SanDisk_Ultra_1_4927 Microsoft Windows Network: The specified network name is no longer available."

Windows trouble shooters could not find any problems.

Pressed and held the modem’s reset button – nothing happened. Pressed and held it for 10 seconds --perhaps not quite 10 seconds as nothing happened. Still can’t get the modem with Google Chrome. Pulled the modem’s power for 30 seconds, and it has now reset and I can see the two USB sticks which are in it and write to them.

Plugged the PHDD into the computer and it is working OK. Not game to plug it back into the modem. I’m currently using the modem with 2 USB sticks successfully, but they don’t get used simultaneously.

Can anyone throw any light on this? Does the modem have limitations on how much data it can handle? It worked OK for a while and then just quit completely.

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Re: Modem Technicolour DJA0231 USB Port Problems

I have come across a few off the problems you have experienced.


  1. Modem can’t see a USB stick. Have seen this problem not with a USB stick but with a Hard disk the had been formatted with NTFS using an Allocation unit size of 2048K instead of the standard cluster size.

    If formatted as NTFS using not using default cluster could try using default cluster size. If formatted with Fat32 or default Allocation cluster size could try a full format.

  2. Only time I have seen not all partitions recognized is due to not using default Allocation cluster size. The modem does seem to continuously access the hard drive even when no device is accessing the drive.

  3. I have come across the problem of the modem stopping before completely writing to disk. I have had more than one drive and a printer connected to modem via a USB drive but never tried to simultaneously accesses more than one of the connected devices.
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Re: Modem Technicolour DJA0231 USB Port Problems

Thank you cf4

It's nice to know that what I'm seeing is "normal" and I'm not alone.


Slight clarification: The modem saw all partitions on the PHDD, but looking at the modem with File Explorer, File explorer could not see all partitions. The second time the PHDD was plugged in, FE could see all partitions (as could the modem). Something was inconsistent.


More on the USB stick: It had been formatted just accepting the defaults (which I think were FAT 32 and 8192 bytes). Files were added to it using FE without removing it from the computer. When it was placed in the modem, the modem could not see it.

After reading your reply I plugged the USB stick into the computer to do a full format. The computer made USB recognition noises, but FE does not show it. I guess this is consistent with the modem not seeing it. I seem to have lost the use of this USB stick.

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