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I need a new modem I haven’t had a upgrade for the newest modem . I am having a lot of internet trouble . This is ridiculous I have messaged I have entered my details , I have been directed to all different places on your website . Please just contact me regarding updating my modem . I have been a Telstra customer for a number of years . But If this keeps going I will no longer be a Telstra customer 

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Level 22: Superhuman

Re: Modem

You might want to give a bit more detail as to what internet trouble you are having. If the problem can be determined as a modem/router issue then you should get a replacement but it need to be diagnosed..


Alternatively, you can buy Smart Modem 2 devices new or pre-loved on eBay, Gumtree or FB Marketplace quite cheaply (>$50)..  


The other option is to look at the Wi-Fi Guarantee promotion - buy a Smart Wi-Fi Booster, get a free Smart Modem 2 and additional Boosters until you get the coverage you want - there are conditions though..


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