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MU500 5G Modem keeps resetting.

I have just purchased an MU500 modem and a SIM to connect to 5G.

Noticed that every 20 to 40 mins the modem seems to reset itself (Wifi drops, Telstra logo on modem screen, then it goes into checking data usage information then wifi comes back online. See picture of device when "checking data usage".

Other info: modem plugged into charger so its not power. Happens on battery too. Checking for updates the modem says its on the latest update.

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Re: MU500 5G Modem keeps resetting.



Just saw your issue.  IS there any update on how you have gone since this post?


More detail required if possible.


What SIM are you using?  Where are you located when the device is resetting?  What does the Information page on the device webUI say about your connection type, device status etc before it resets?


What is the firmware version on it currently?





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