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My fixed signal light is off more then it is on



I keep getting txt from Telstra with the above subject and a message that says:

Your Telstra Smart Modem has been connected to Telstra's mobile network for 2 days. We need your help switching it back to the Telstra fixed network so you can stay online.

For instructions on how to switch back, please visit telstra.com/fix. If you've already switched back please ignore this message.


how do i switch back to the fixed network and how to i stop this from happening..Thanks in advance


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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: My fixed signal light is off more then it is on

There is a fault with Telstra's back end and these Txt are being sent out automatically even when modem is working on fixed connection. There is a software patch that will be installed to stop this happening.


It looks like you are already connected to fixed network as the Link, Online and Phone lights are Green. It looks like you have problem with the backup as it is off. I could not read the writing in the photo and the what I thought was the back is actually the front and in this case Backup, Link and Online lights are On and phone light is off. In any case the modem is working n the fixed connection. If it was on back the online light would be purple.


If Phone light is off ring support and lodge a fault about the phone.


If Back up light is off ring support and lodge a fault that the back up is not working. The Back up light should not be off even when modem is on Normal connection.

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