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My smart modem gen 2 phone line splitter cable is too short.

We received a Telstra smart modem gen 2 model technicolor DJA0231TLS. We do not have NBN and are on ADSL2.

Unfortunately the ADSL line and splitter is too short by about 5 metres. Which means we would have to set up the modem in a different room and use wifi for my Apple TV in the centre of the house. Not great. My Apple TV Ethernet port is caput so I am stuck with wifi. 

My workaround has been to use an old longer ADSL line to extend to the lounge next to the Apple TV. It works but not sure if we are losing any quality by not using the cables designed. We also have DECT phones which due to this setup can’t be connected  to the modem.

Any thoughts on alternative setups?

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: My smart modem gen 2 phone line splitter cable is too short.

There might be a slight decrease in speed due to longer cable.


Do the DECT phones connect to the modems DECT base station or do they have there own DECT base?


If they have there own base could plug the DECT base into the phone socket using an ADSL filter / splitter  and two long phone cords (See image below).


Phone Socket ------ Filter Splitter------------------Modem (DSL Port)

                                                  |--------------------Phone DECT Base


If the phones handset connect to the Modems DECT base still use an ADSL Filter / Splitter plugged into phone socket and two phone cords. One going to DSL port on modem and the other to PSTN port on modem. (See Image Below)


Phone Socket ------ Filter Splitter------------------(DSL Port) Modem                DECT Handset

                                                  |-------------------(PSTN Port) Modem

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Re: My smart modem gen 2 phone line splitter cable is too short.

Thanks cf4
The DECT have their own base and are currently setup like your first image.
I haven’t tried to register them with the modem this way as I thought they needed to be plugged through the modem. I will give it a try and if not will get a longer phone cable and try the second image.

Thanks for your help.

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