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nbn & my modem

so i’ve just moved house & my internet was working fine for weeks & then last week i started only getting 0.05mbs. tried to contact telstra & they have said i need a nbn box to fix this, i’ve only heard bad **bleep** about nbn so i really don’t want to use this, i have a telstra smart modem & was wondering if nbn is a necessity or if they’re just trying to sell me more **bleep**

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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: nbn & my modem

If the house is located in an area that uses FTTC or HFC for the NBN connection you need a NBN NTD. You can check what type of NBN is used in your area by entering your address at this site. The NBN black box is supplied by NBN Co and is free. If the previous owner had a NBN connection they would have been supplied with a NBN NTD which should have been left in the house when they moved out. The modem's 4G backup is only there for use when main link is not working and if used for long period of time gets throttled to 256 Kbps.

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