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Hi Everyone I received my new NBN connection box and modem on Friday. As the connection box only flickered blue lights I asked a question in Crowd Support about getting an up to date adapter for my phone which Jupiter kindly answered. I got the adapter today and the NBN connection box still only flickers blue lights. I have FTTC. I believe I am doing as instructed by the booklets that came with the box and modem. I try ringing the numbers for help but the recorded voice gives me a link , hangs up and has been no help. I'm sorry but I don't find the Telstra website very clear or helpful. How do I get help. I have a pc / cordless phone and flip phone mobile. I have unplugged my other phone point , my computer is not on/unplugged ,splitters unplugged, unplugged my land line and mobile is on? usually just charging. My order numbers are 1-2653771287604 and NBN order 5526859. Who do I try and make contact with or shall I just wait until Telstra realise I am not connected and let them contact me. Just find it a tad frustrating. There must be someone out there to kindly give me direction to an area that will actually help. Cheers and Thank you Stay healthy everyone.!!


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