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NBN FTTC connection, how long to set up

I have an NBN FTTC connection already with an NBN connection box installed with a competitor modem. They have left me unactivated  for almost a month and I am looking to cancel with them and switch to Telstra. The setup is OK, the connection box is powering the NBN, it is simply not activated. I cannot find out why, their support centre are polite but seemingly do nothing alhough promising to do so.

Obviously I will need a Telstra modem, or at least I imagine so, maybe not if the present TP-Link VR 1600v modem router will work with Telstra.

Question is, how long would it take to get operational???

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: NBN FTTC connection, how long to set up

The TP-Link should work with Telstra, you just wouldn't be able to use the phone. I wouldn't like to guess at how long it would take to get connected given the current circumstances.


I'm assuming with your current RSP, you've entered your login details into the broadband connection settings or the modem?

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