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NBN HFC Modem not connecting to NBN (new install)

Received my NBN HFC Modem from Telstra with Telstra Smartmodem Gen2. NBN modem after numerous attempts could not get 4 solid green lights. What is the issue and how can I get assistance to rectify this? I spent 1 hour 45 min on hold with support when I was transferred to them but nobody spoke to me and I gave up... Who can I call to come and look at this issue to have it sorted. The Smartmodem connected to 4G (blue light came on) but that's as far as it got...

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Re: NBN HFC Modem not connecting to NBN (new install)

I have been trying to get solid lights for 4 weeks.. A telstra tech came out for a different problem, and told me it is a problem with the lines outside in the pit. Telstra techs can no longer work in the pits. It needs a nbn tech to look at it, which can only be ordered through telstra, who as you know can not be contacted...I plan on contacting nbn direct next week see if I can bypass the useless telstra contact centre.

On the plus side, my 4g back up speed is better than the adsl speed. Get roughly 20mps, except for a few hours in the evening when everyone else in the state jumps on, then 0.1mps..

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