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NBN no connection

My 82yr old father, is home alone and been without a landline for weeks now as Telstra drag their feet with his NBN connection. Telstra cut his working landline to install NBN but in the process leave him without a working phone for weeks. He doesn’t have a mobile and doesn’t know how to use one. He lives on his own and I am his daughter who lives 1 hour drive. I spend hours on the phone only to go in go around in circles. I don’t know what to do. 

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Re: NBN no connection

The landline shouldn't have been cut to install an NBN connection, it is a swapover that takes 10-15 minutes.


You should be asking Telstra to provide an interim backup phone service (which would most likely be a mobile).


If he is in an area that gets 4G reception, and he has received his Telstra Smartmodem, then you should be able to plug the phone into the phone port of the modem and get the phone up and running via the 4G backup. Telstra can activate that if it isn't already activated.

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Re: NBN no connection

Have Telstra or given you a definite timeframe for NBN connection?.

Support Team
Support Team

Re: NBN no connection

Hey there @Carolb74


Given your father's age, he's most likely eligible for our Priority Assistance program, if you give us a call on 132200, and say 'Priority Assistance' - they'll be able to organise an application for you, and an interim phone while the nbn gets connected.


You can also read more about the program here:

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