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NBN or modem keeps disconnecting



I need help from you guys.


My internet keeps disconnecting since I moved to my new house. (3 months ago)

(NBN box and Telstra Smart Modem Gen2)


For one or two months, it came back online if I reboot the Telstra modem and/or NBN box, however it doesn't come back online even.


So I investigated more and found the phone light on Telstra modem becomes Amber when this situation happens. If rebooting the modem and/or NBN box doesn't change the phone light to green, the Internet doesn't come online. In order to make the phone light green, I have to unplug the Ethernet cable from NBN box and plug it back. (cable between NBN and Telstra modem)


Currently, I have to unplug and plug it back everyday.


Any thought on this?


Much appreciated.

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Re: NBN or modem keeps disconnecting

The Telstra Smart Modem is manufactured by two different manufactures Arcadyan (LH1000 no holes in side panels) and Technicolor (DJA0231 holes in the side panels) see image below. Which modem do you have?


Do any other lights on the NBN box or Telstra Modem change colour when the internet connection is lost.


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