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NBN smart modem 4G backup

I have a Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2. My NBN goes down quite frequently (compared to when I was on cable) - but that is another story. The 4G backup works well enough - slow - but better than nothing. However on the latest round of downtime, it didn't work. Go into the dashboard for the modem, and the SIM card is locked requiring a PUK. After days of calls, Telstra finally say they can not give me a PUK. The only solution is a new SIM card. So they send me one. But it is a micro and the modem holds a standard sim. After days of phone calls they finally say they do not hold spare 4g standard sims to send me, I have to go to a Telstra shop (no idea why they would have one at a Telstra shop and not at their normal dispatch). After hours of both them and me trying to book an appointment with the nearby Telstra shop for me to go in and pick up a new SIM (booking necessary so I don't get charged - that it is a SIM with data that Telstra manage not me), we both give up, and the call centre operator decides to send me a new modem (as it will have an unlocked SIM card in it).  


Surely someone has had to order a standard 4g sim for the smart modem 4g backup before? How did you do it?

And surely Telstra thinks it is crazy (and expensive) to send me a new modem instead of just sending me a new 4g standard SIM?

Does Telstra monitor the use of the 4g data on the SIM card? One of the call centre operators told me it was probably locked because it run out of data and then expired (we were away for 6 weeks so it wouldn't have been used for that amount of time)

And why don't they have the PUK codes for the SIMS they place in the Smart Modems?

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Re: NBN smart modem 4G backup

Telstra does monitor the 4G backup use and if backup is used for an extended period of time the SIM does not get locked but the speed is throttled to 256 Kbps and if 4G backup is continued to be used the service is disconnected.


The throttling and disconnection can be removed by Telstra support submitting a WEB form for throttling to be removed or 4G backup to be restored. Should not need a new SIM unless it is damaged. There have been cases in the past were Telstra has supplied a new SIM but you trick is getting in contact with someone in support who knows the correct procedure for doing this.

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