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NBN speed boost

I recently moved from a cable connection to an NBN connection. It is an unlimited Business Internet plan and I pay $100 er month which includes a static IP.

The speed of the cable connection was 115Mb/s

The NBN connection is a maximum of 115Mb/s but it only connects at 24Mb/s. I have been told that as it is a FTTB connection the speed cannot be increased above 24Mb/s. I have trouble believing this because in early January I ran a test and it was connected at 85Mb/s.

The modems shows:

Current Rate (kbps) as 6399 Up & 27999 down but the 'Max' Rate (kbps) is 57851 up & 116463 down.

I have a speed boost added to the service but it does not appear to be doing anything.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Re: NBN speed boost

It does look look like NBN has activated the speed boost. Your link ks capable of over 100 Mbps  ut NBN speed tier applied to your connection is 25/5 instead of 100/40. The only thing you can do is contact support and point out that your plan is for the 100/40 but NBN has placed you on the 25/5 speed tier. The person who told you that the speed of a FTTB connection can nkt be increased from 24 Mbps is incorrect. If you get the same responce again lodge a complaint. There are instructions for lodging a complaint at link below.


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