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NBN Wifi Booster Guarantee

Has anyone tried to access this NBN Wifi Booster Guarantee offer?  I have been trying to get Telstra to deliver on this since early January (after three weeks of getting the NBN properly installed).


The technician who eventually had to come out to install the NBN properly so it worked, said I would need three extenders and this would be ocvered by the guarantee.  I have spent possibly 40-50hrs trying to get this sorted and feel like i am in Groundhog Day with a text support that starts again and over 6-9hrs gets to the same place (ie no technician is booked and no boosters arrive).  


Is it a real offer or is it false and misleading?

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: NBN Wifi Booster Guarantee

The boosters are self install. You will receive Technical support via the phone and a Technician will only visit your premises if phone support fails to fix the problem.


I order my booster online and it turned up within a week. It was easy to install, just a matter of turning booster on, connecting it to a LAN port on modem and waiting for front light to turn steady blue. Then the booster could be disconnected from the modem and could connect to modem by WiFi.

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