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I recently moved to an organisation where they decided to have Telstra NBN and previous IT guy had ordered new business number for that.And before the final step, a Telstra representative came here and said if you order new business number without considering the existing number that you might lose all the phone lines.So we cancelled the old order and placed a new one for existing line.I had my 1st appointment yesterday and the Telstra technician came and said - ' oh you have bridge mode,I cannot connect the modem if it's in bridge mode, please change to PPOe(Not sure what he wants me to do). He said surely you will have an IP address for the old bridge mode modem, go to setting and change.As I am new to this I am a bit hesitant to do that because from that modem it goes to firewall.Would I be able to ask help with Telstra people itself for support ??



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Level 24: Supreme Being


You can ask Telstra for help but unless you have maintenance subscription with Telstra you will be charged for the support. Below is  link to the platinum support



With a NBN connection normal will only  work via the VOIP adaptor in the modem and the VOIP adaptor function is disabled when modem is in bridge mode.

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