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Need help with Port Forwarding

I would like to be able to open certain ports so I can set up game servers to play with my friends.


I used to be able to do this just fine on my Linksys E2000 router, very straightforward process. However, ever since Telstra forced me to upgrade to the Telstra Gateway Max, port forwarding no longer works, and running tests on sites like canyouseeme.com always give me the results "Error: I could not see your service on on port (4870)".


Upon doing research, I'm almost certain this is because of the pseudo router Gateway Max causing a problem, but all the solutions on other sites looked complicated and difficult to follow. I tried opening the ports on (gateway max control panel), but again, no results. I heard you're supposed to bridge it but it requires assistance from the ISP? Can anyone help with this?

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Need help with Port Forwarding

Hi SightScreen, 


Sorry to hear of the issues with port forwarding. We will need our Technical Support team on 133 933 to go through this with you. Let us know if they are not able to fix this for you. 

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