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Netgear c6300 Gateway Max on nbn

Hi all.  After some useful information if possible after 2 hrs on the phone to telstra.  Just had nbn installed on FTTN, so have the little black arris box and the useless Fast 5530 Sages com modem.  Once connection box provisioned (overnight) swapped my gateway max for the new 5530 modem. No luck.  After 2 hours, Telstra has decided it is DOA and will send a new one.  Managed to convince them to upgrade to the new Max - T800 I think... but it doesn't get here for at least 4 days...want to try to get the internet back up while I wait...


My question is - should the c6300 gateway work with the WAN port connected to the UNI-D1 port?


Do I need to change any settings in the gateway's interface?


On a slightly different note, can the phone ports on the new gateway max be coneected to a patch panel and distributed through the house? It is an On-Q 4x12 telecomm module... used to work just fine pre nbn...




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Re: Netgear c6300 Gateway Max on nbn

OK,  have an update


Kept reading posts and found one that said to set the WAN Backup to Enable - WAN mode.  That is:


Advanced settings > WAN Setup > Enable - WAN mode


Seems to be connected, although a little laggy... hopefully will stay up!!




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