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Netgear CG3100D-2 BPAUS and MAC Address locking on guest network

Hi Guys


I have just upgraded from a Netgear CGD24Nv2 (Cable 2.0) gateway to a Netgear CG3100D-2 (Cable 3.0) gateway.


I was using MAC Address Locking (Wireless Card Access List) on the old modem for the primary network only. The guest network was not restricted by the access list.


This worked perfectly as it was an added level of protection to prevent unauthorised access to the primary wireless network even if they found out the password.


However, guests could be given the guest password and have easy access to the internet without access to other network resources.


With the new modem, the MAC Address access list is applied against the guest network as well as the primary network.


This basically makes the guest network feature and the MAC Address locking feature mutually exclusive as a guest network where you have to add the devices' MAC address to a list, is not really a guest network.


Please can the firmware be updated to either remove MAC address locking from the Guest networks or provide the choice to select which networks have the MAC address locking enabled.


Standard Specification CompliantEuroDOCSIS 3.0 and DOCSIS 3.0
Hardware Version2.02
Software Version5.5.7.mp2.V2.06.05
Software Version(Linux)2.6.30.V2.06.05




PS: A user guide PDF for the device would be nice. The best I have found online was a english language manual from Spain so the screenshots are in spanish even though the majority of the text is in English.

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Re: Netgear CG3100D-2 BPAUS and MAC Address locking on guest network

Not sure if that will be something that is enabled but i guess we can wait and see what telstra says.

Here is the english manual

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