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netgear MR2100 security

why am I being told by Advast security programme that my IP address is visible and telling me what it is but it is incorrect? Saying all my banking etc online is compromised? this is since hooking up the Nighthawk nether MR2100 router through a ethernet chord as well as wirelessly


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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: netgear MR2100 security

When you use the Nighthawk Netgear MR2100 using Mobile broadband the IP address of the modem will not be the same as your public IP address due to carrier grade NAT.


If you connect the Nighthawk Netgear MR2100 via cable to another router or router modem the IP address will not be the same as your public IP due to the NAT of the router or modem.


Your online banking is not compromised. This is another false security alert that Avast is known for producing.

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