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Netgear NIGHTHAWK M1 Router

I just got back from my parents place in Mulgrave (VIC).  They were given a Telstra Nighthawk M1 4G modem to "tide them over" until the NBN is rolled out at their unit in a retirement village a few months back.  I just went over there with a Chromecast to try and set them up to stream Netflix from their PC to their TV.

It didn't take long to discover this was impossible...their wifi speeds were a nightmare!  I finally ended up going on to their PC, which is using a wifi dongle to their Nighthawk sitting about a metre away. showed a download speed of 0.69mbps.  The device itself was showing 2-3 bars on the 4G connection indicator.  As you can imagine this made surfing websites almost impossible let alone streaming Netflix.  I read online that this modem should be able to deliver 1Gbps speeds, theoretically...but in real life seems to be giving people at least 50mbps or more...why would my parents be getting 0.69??  They pay a fortune for this thing!  I moved it to a few different locations around the house but couldn't get any better.  I didn't have an ethernet cable to try out with their PC, but would that help anyway?  I suppose if their wifi dongle on the PC is busted maybe.

The test was run around 5pm today, on a Saturday.  0.69!

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Re: Netgear NIGHTHAWK M1 Router

Id recommend removing the battery from the nighthawk for 30 seconds then place it back in and retest the connection. If could be the WiFi adapter in the computer, It wouldn't hurt to test on an Ethernet connection to the computer.
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Re: Netgear NIGHTHAWK M1 Router

Hi Juz70, Just checking in, is the issue still occurring?

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