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Netgear Nighthawk M2 Antenna problem

Hi all.

Recently purchased the Nighthawk M2. MR2100.

We live rural and have no 4g signal on phone or modem without the use of antennas.

The old wifi pro modem worked fine on 4g with antenna.Could even select 3g or 4g.

Problem is with the Nighthawk it works on 4g and shows two bars of signal for only a couple of hours of use and then drops back to searching mode. Status "not connected"


It finds signal on antennas but only for a short while.

Done all the usual things ie reset, battery, sim etc.

Went to settings, cellular and change to 4g lte only but it would not accept it and reverted back to default.


We only tether it and our 4g is at 700mhz. The Tough max 3 runs data on same antennas with 2 bars of signal perfectly.

Thanks in advance.  Regards Peter.

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