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Netgear Nighthawk not working on telstra.extranet

Hi everyone,


I have a Telstra legacy mobile account on Business plans. I have 3 mobile services that need to access the telstra.extranet APN. 2 of these services have been working correctly forever with a Nightgear Nighthawk M2 as the MBB device. All services have the GPTEXB3 telstra.extranet code. All services also have the GPTCOMB3 and GPWAPB3 codes for when they need to access telstra.internet and telstra.wap.


As an FYI the company I work for is also a Telstra Enterprise partner, therefore we have access to Telstra mobile systems to view these services. All services are configured identically.


Last week we purchased a new Nighthawk M5. We had a spare service on the business account so added the GPTEXB3 code, along with GPTCOMB3 and GPWAPB3. On the device when selecting either GPTCOMB3 or GPWAPB3 the device will access the internet via these APNs fine. When switching to the telstra.extranet APN on the device it initially connects, then disconnects and goes into "searching".


As a coincidence both the other services in older Nighthawks may not be working as they should. Haven't had them in front of me to check for certain.


Is there a known issue at the moment with this access point? Or is there something that needs to be configured within the Nighthawk to access this APN correctly?

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