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You can ask all the questions and wait for hours on hold  for  technical assistance  but still none the wiser. Telstra do no realise all their sins for years gone by are haunting them now. Must admit  NBN has nothning to do with Telstra.

  Basically connecting is straight forward.  Yes you do need to leave the 240 power to the old white  NBN box and just remove the cover and  put the new cable to the modem as shown.

 If you have  some old wiring  and  go from modem phone socket to phone it will be dead. 

 What you may need to do is  from modem connection use a in line splinter  and connect your phone  put other  wire  to wall socket to complete the circuit.

 During the NBN  roll out shonky  contactors did all sorts of things  and not 100% correct.

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