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New modem stuck in captive portal loop when attempting to activate

Hi All,


Figured it would be worth a shot to post this here in the attempt I will get this looked at a bit further than the helpdesk.


My Telstra cable internet has been working fine for 2 years, however I have just recontracted and received a new replacement modem (gateway max). 


I have removed the old modem and plugged in the new modem and entered my credentials. All seemed to go through fine and the portal advised to simply reboot my modem and the service should be working as intended - sounds good right?, nice and easy?.... if only! Smiley Happy


When I power cycled the modem I was prompted with activation again in the captive portal... This just keeps looping and looping over and over, it has been 24hrs since I installed the new device and two calls placed to the helpdesk with no real progress made.


Could someone possibly tick a box in the back ground to activate my replacement modem? I have seen a few threads on here regarding docsis 3, but I have been on speed boosted plan @ 100mbit for the last 2 years.





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Support Team

Re: New modem stuck in captive portal loop when attempting to activate

Hi Ben_m, 


Sorry to hear of the issue in activating the new Cable modem. 

Was this finally resolved for you? 


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