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New Smart Modem power supply battery only has 12 months of 24 left!!!

I recently brought a Battery Backup for a Telstra Smart Modem from the Telstra Plus rewards store. I've just received it. I find out that they are really only good for 24 months from the date of manufacture! (According to a little yellow sticker that is on the unit) Problem is the one I got was built on 10/03/2020 when delivered to me today. So there was really only 12 months left on the battery yet I was still charged full price for an item that is half obsolete. Fuming.  I am either going to have to buy a replacement one in a year or go back to using the normal power supply. Feel the Telstra Plus Rewards Store a dumping place for obsolete stock?

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: New Smart Modem power supply battery only has 12 months of 24 left!!!

Even if you bought one full price you would find the same thing. They sit in the warehouse for quite a while due to low turnover volumes.


You should find that you will get close to 24 months use out of it before the battery starts to lose significant charge capacity. The loss of charge capacity is based on age and number of recharge cycles.


Personally I find the design rather lacking. They should be designed with a replaceable battery pack so that the rest of the electronics can be continued to be used and the exhausted battery recycled.

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