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No internet Connection

Hi, we have recently had solar panels installed. In order to use an app which shows how much our power usage is, it was recommended that we install a extender that could read the information from the solar box. We installed a Dlink which required a new wi-fi name and password. Since setup, the Dlink does not work but we have also lost internet, Netflix, and Foxtel. I have unplugged the Dlink, turned everything off and on numerous times but still no internet. Thinking maybe I need to reset the modem? Any advice would be appreciated.

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Re: No internet Connection

If it all went wonky after you installed the DLink , try disconnecting that and see if the other services return to normal (pre DLink). If there are still issue, factory reset the Telstra modem..


When you get to a stage  where it is all working again (less the solar) then you need to consider the options..


Why did you install the DLink? For Wi Fi connectivity? Why not connect to the modem Wi-Fi?


It sounds like something went wrong with the DLink install and setup and it has replaced the modem Wi-Fi, the DLink configuration isn't correct. Can you explain how you connected and set up that DLink device?

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Re: No internet Connection

What model modem do you have?

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