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No phone socket for NBN FTTC

I am switching from Telstra cable internet to NBN FTTC. I've searched the house for a wall socket with a phone line port/connection, so I can connect the new FTTC connection device, but there isn't one. Anyone know a solution?

I live in an older unit, which would've had a home phone connected at some stage (we  haven't had a home phone connected in the house since we've lived here and have always had cable internet).

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: No phone socket for NBN FTTC

Possibly arrange for an electrician to come out and find the phone cable and install a new socket. That would normally by the quickest and most pain free method.


Otherwise you are going to need to ask for an NBN technician to install a new socket when they come to change you over.

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