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Old cable modem not working


so we recently moved to a new house, of which there is Cable Internet installed. We had cable at our old house, and used a Telstra Gateway Max, which worked perfectly.


When we were told that our internet plan had been successfully established, I took out the router and plugged it in to the coax.

Note: the only working port available in the entire house is at the opposite end of where our computers and servers are.


When I tried using the Gateway Max, it wouldn't successfully establish a connection. The WAN light wouldn't even turn on. A couple days later, I recieved a Telstra Smart Modem (i think). This modem for some reason is made for nbn (I'm guessing it was sent to encourage us to move to nbn) along with ANOTHER nbn modem. However, this modem had a cable conversion box. A connection is now working, however I still have concerns.


Firstly, I want to know how much of a bottleneck this conversion box is. You are essentially creating three points of slow-down: the cable conversion box, the ethernet cable connecting it to the modem, and then the ethernet cable connecting it to the device.


Secondly, I want to be able to fix my Gateway Max modem. I will be using a long coaxial cable so the Smart Modem can reach the required room at the other side of the house, but I also want to be able to bridge it to the Gateway Max for a wi-fi connection to other rooms.

It basically is not showing any sign of even detecting an internet connection to it. No WAN light. Again, this only started happening when we connected it at the new house, which has essentially the same cable plan as the old house.


Thank you for any suggestions or info.

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Re: Old cable modem not working

Having two Ethernet links will not slow the Internet speed. The Ethernet ports are rated at 1 Gbps and the maximum speed of the coaxial link is 115 Mbps so having two Ethernet links will not slow the connection.
Even if you could get the Gateway Max working (By phoning up support and getting its MAC address registered against the coax link) you can't connect the cable adapter and and Gateway Max to same coaxial link.
You are better of running a Ethernet cable instead of a long Coax cable.
Connect Cable Adapter to existing coax socket.
Connect Smart Modem to Cable Adapter.
Turn off DHCP in Gateway Max
Connect LAN port of Gateway Max to LAN port of Smart Modem via Ethernet cable. (Gateway Max will act as an WiFi Access point and wired switch)

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