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Order complete?

I had the internet connected via nbn fir the first time 6 days ago. I am still waiting for the app to confirm ‘order complete’ as have been told I need to wait to see this before I can start using my own modem as telstra would not let me start using th nvm unless their modem was used (although mine is compatible). Have contacted them but waiting over 90. Minutes via help chat to see if order is complete.  Does anyone know is I can disconnect the telstra modem or does it take longer than 5 days to connect it and complete order?

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Order complete?

You only really need to use the Telstra modem for the initial connection so that the network can configure itself properly. Once that happens you can switch modems (you won't have phone service with a 3rd party).


Order completion will generally take 10 business days. This is how long it takes for all the service checks (confirming speeds etc) to gather enough data to confirm that the connection is stable and what the connection is capable of speed-wise.

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