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Port Forwarding on FAST5355-A not working

Hi All


I am trying to set up port forwarding for my Minecraft server but I am not having any success.


I have followed the instructions here...


But it still says the port is closed. (25565)


I use to test. I didn't test with a device connected to the network, i used my phone.


I also tested the common ports list but they say they are all closed.


If someone could help that would be great. Thanks 

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Port Forwarding on FAST5355-A not working

When using the port checker check using a device connected to F@st 5355. The correct external address of the gateway will be entered into the port checker tool. If you use a phone not connected to gateway will have to enter external IP address manual.


If still unable to see port as open then check


The device and app using port 25565 running while checking the port


If the app is on a PC has an exception been made in Windows Firewall To check this on a PC running latest version of Windows 10

Click on start

Type Firewall

Click on "Windows Defender Firewall" which will appear in list of suggestions.

Click on "Allow App or features through........"

A list of apps with access to internet is displayed. Scroll through list and check that there is a tick next to the app using port 25565


The common port list will all show as closed unless there are port forwarding set up in the gateway for them and the device/app that uses the app is running.






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