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Portforwarding not working

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Technicolor DJA0230TLS
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If I try to portforward HTTP (80) for example to UDP/TCP to my PC's internal IPv4, I goto http://canyouseeme.org/ and test port 80 and it doesn't succeed.
I was doing the same thing on my old modem pre-NBN, the modem I received post-NBN is exactly the same as my old one with a new firmware version and portforwarding worked on my old modem and im doing the exact same process?
I don't have a static IP on my PC, just a custom DNS assigned (
- UPnP = Disabled
- NAT-PMP = Disabled
- DynDNS = Disabled
- DHCP = Enabled
Any help? Thanks

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Portforwarding not working

Having your PC set with an IP of is going to cause some problems as that is a real IP address of a DNS service, so the request might be trying to redirect itself to an external host rather than your internal network. There is a reason why certain IP address ranges (192.168.xxx.xxx,10.xxx.xxx.xxx) are reserved for private networks, it's so this sort of thing doesn't occur.
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Re: Portforwarding not working

It was not working without the DNS, I'm assuming there's a bug in the latest firmware or something on Telstra's end, everything worked fine on the old modem and it's exactly the same modem just with a newer firmware 

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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: Portforwarding not working

Have you set your network as a private network on the PC and also turned on Network discovery?

If your using port forwarding should use a static IP address for the computer


Advanced > Local Network > Add Static Lease.

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