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PPPoE Settings

I am usting a Telstra Thomson TG782T and ADSL2.  Near all of my devices (Mac desktop, two Android phones and one Android tablet) are working fine but my wired Sony Bravia TV will only connect to my home network and not to the internet.  When I try to establish a connection, the TV gives the following message:-


"Internet connection has failed.  Please refer to the instruction manual supplied by your internet service provider and retry Network Setup after configuring the Account Settings (PPPoE) of your modem."


I cannot find anything usefull in the manual.  Can you advise?

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Re: PPPoE Settings

Try setting the internet manually on the Sony TV


From memory


Connect internet



Enter IP address manually and enter these details.


Best situation is if the TV is adjacent to your router to use an ethernet cable for connection


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Re: PPPoE Settings

Thanks lasab for your help.  I manually entered the IP addresses but it failed.


Couple of other points which may help.  The TV was purchased about 3 months ago and uses an ethernet cable connection. The initial setup used the "auto" process and worked fine connecting to the internet.  About a month ago the TV Internet connection stopped working.


The manual setup process asked me if I wanted to use a proxy server.  I answered No.


I notice that in my Thompson Gateway says that my internet Type is PPPoA not PPPoB.  Is that relavent?


Thanks again

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